Ben10 Revolution

The aliens are attacking and they aren't friends. Fortunately, we still got Ben Tennyson on our side and he isn't backing down even if he can't use the Omnitrix anymore like before. It got broken during the last time that he use it on a powerful being. However, Ben still came up victorious with some help from his intergalactic friends. But, this time, Ben would not have his OMnitrix and friends to back him out. Still, Ben doesn't a move a bit as he got the courage to go all out with anything that would pose a threat to the world. This time, he would be relying on a bazooka he found lying on the ground. He know that this would only help him a bit, but he knows that help is coming soon. Somehow, he knows that he got to hold the attack. Help is on its way and he can't get it if he won't last a few hours.

The game is played with a mouse and you need to make sure that you get all of the aliens to get to the next level. In each level, there are required numbers of enemies that you need to take out. Each level would be a different alien.

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