Ben 10 Chasedown 2

It's been two months and there are still alien activity. The only alien activity is on the Plumber's base, but those guys are the good guys and they help the people of Earth in a big way. There is no way that these guys would cause trouble for the human race. Besides, they are the contributor for the weapons and knowledge to the Plumber's base. They are an important asset for the Plumbers and the Plumbers don't want anything to happen to them. Actually, Ben has made a few friends within the compound of the Plumber's base. Most of them are alien and it doesn't matter to Ben whether they are human or not. Ben decided to help the FBI out of boredom since these guys really need to crack the syndicate on the road. Ben won't be needing to use his Omnitrix since they are inside the car and Ben had a rocket launcher fix on his car.

You need to destroy the vehicles of the syndicate on the road. You can use your rocket to destroy them. Try to avoid colliding with anything since that would damage your car. Grab some OMnitrix symbol for more points.

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