Ben 10: Ripjaw

Ben Tennyson has been in many battle and has won every time. He never loses to a battle, be it in land water or in air, he always gets the upper hand and win. As proof, you can still see him today, if he loses then he wouldn't have live to tell about it. Surely, he is one remarkable being, who can think when the going gets tough. He uses his brain together with his power to transform. This makes him one of the most toughest being in the galaxy. He have proven that aside from the Omnitrix, he got the will power that could match his power. However, he never fight in a world full of water. An alien was planning to activate a mass destruction device, so he followed it to his home planet and it was s water world. There are more dangerous animals that Ben could handle and he can't fight them all. He transform into Ripjaw, not do battle, but use his swimming ability and get out there alive.

The idea of this game is to swim as far as you could go. Try to avoid any kind of obstacle since that would limit your time. Fortunately, you can also extend your time if you can grab some green orb along the way.

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