Ben 10: Ice Bus Parking

We all know how hard parking is, but that is something that drivers need to do. If they can't park it safely then they would surely lose their job. Or better yet, they would get themselves in danger with the authority. Sure, you can say that parking is easy and maneuvering a vehicle is not that hard, but thin that you can say the same thing if you are driving a bus. On top of that, you need to drive a bus on the snow. You might say that it won't happen in real life, but things like that do happen in real life and you need to park your bus in the parking slot. That would be a problem that would be hard to solve and that is the same problem that you need to overcome in this kind of game.

In this game, Ben needs to park the bus in an open parking slot as fast as he can. There would be lots of snow, so the road are too slippery and if you don't drive it carefully then you would surely get an accident. This game has a time limit, so you need to get going. Make sure that you are able to park the bus as soon as possible or at least before it explodes because of too much damage.

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