Ben10: Overkill Apache

Ben found out about a secret organization dedicated to war. And they are planning to use a time machine to get when World War 2 began to join in the fun. They are able to get there, but Ben sneak in too, but his Omnitrix was somehow damage and it won't work anymore. Ben knows that this would be a problem for him as he need to stop the time travelers from causing too much trouble in the time era. Fortunately, Ben knows how to pilot an airplane and during that time, airplane were use to go to war. He was lucky enough that someone did believe his story and let him be the pilot of one of the best airplane during that time. Now, more than ever, Ben knows that he has a fighting chance that he can stop that time traveler form messing up time.

In this game, you need to pilot an old airplane and stop the time traveler. However, that won't be easy since the time traveler come in first and there was a war going on. You need to go through all the war driven soldiers to get to your objective. You can't talk out a sense to them as this is a way and they only knew one thing and that is to be at war. Destroy anything on sight as they would come after you. Grab the falling power-ups from the sky.

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