Blood Days

Everything changes and even Ben Tennyson can't handle something like a zombie apocalypse. He might have all the power in the world to stop the aliens from invading us, but how could he stop something that turns humans into flesh eating monsters. Now, his town is invaded by the zombies, he knows that his powers can't help since they might bite him and he would surely turn into one of them. His only choice is a gun since he can shoot them from afar without them getting close to him. Most of the people in his town have gone to fled for their life, but Ben would not let something horrible happen in his town. He is ready for them, even without the help of his Plumber friends.

You need to defend the town as there are still people left in that town. Ben and his friends put on some barricade to stop the zombies from attacking. Well, at least, this should slow them down. To stop a zombie, you need to shoot it on the head and Ben knows all about this, but he is all alone as everyone left in the town. Nevertheless, Ben wouldn't give up as he knows that the townsfolk will someday return.

You need to defend the town against zombies!!!

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