Ben10: Rampage

Ben Tennyson has been fighting some aliens with the help of his Omnitrix. Surely, he can handle them well since he got a powerful device that enables him to transform into more than ten different aliens at a time. With that power, there is a pretty high-chance that he would triumph, but what if his Omnitrix is not working. This do happen a lot, so Ben decided to learn martial arts, so he could kick some alien butts. It might have taken his long time to learn how to fight well without his Omnitrix, but now that he is better, he can kick some alien butts even without his Omnitrix. He knows that he can use this a lot since there are many cases, wherein he has to hide because he can't transform into an alien.

You might be use to the fact that you are going to transform into an alien to do battle, but this game is different as you need to kick some alien butts without transforming into an alien. Collect some Omnitrix symbols for more points. Move as you kick some aliens and you would find more aliens. There are no timer in this game, but you don't want to spend all of your time in this game. Your objective is to get to wormhole to be able to get to the next level.

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