Ben 10: Parking

Ben is always saving the world from aliens trying to enslave the people of the Earth. These aliens think that because we are humans, we aren't a match against them. Well, that could be true, but the good thing is that Ben is also a human and he won't allow aliens to enslave us. There are also a few good aliens living with us and while they don't do much, they are against enslaving humans or aliens alike. On top of that, there is the organization PLUMBERS, which make sure that all of us can have a good time. Recently Ben bough a car and now he needs to learn how to park it, so that there won't be any accident.

Fortunately, in this game, you don't have to deal with aliens anymore since you are just going to concentrate on parking your new car. You might think that this would be easy, but let me tell you that this won't be easy like most parking games you have tried before. The controls aren't configured like most of the parking games that you have tried before, so that might be a problem. Try to get use to the game control before parking your car, so you can finish the game with east.

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