Ben10 Save the Town

Everything that bump into the night has somehow appeared in Ben Tennyson's town. Luckily for us that Ben is there to get rid of them. Unfortunately, he can't use the Omnitrix yet since it got damage a week ago from battling powerful aliens. The only good side of this is that some of his PLUMBER is able to left him with a blaster, so that he could fight those monster without even transforming into an alien himself. This would be along night for Ben since he would need to stay up late at night to battle the monster that would want to devour the humans.

You need to get rid of the monsters that appear at night without the Omnitrix. Luckily, you are armed with a blaster and you can use it to get all those ghouls walking at night. But, ghouls aren't the only ones that you would see at night since there are also space ships. It turns out that the ghouls are somehow connected with the aliens themselves. The idea here is to get rid of all the monster and the spaceships that threatens your town. This would be a long night for Ben, but that is your quest since you are the hero.

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