Ben10: Revenge

It looks like that the allied forces are going to war, but don't want that and he won't allow such. Knowing Ben, he would not let anything to happen to his country and he would risk his life to stop something that is dangerous. Unfortunately, he can't use his Omnitrix on this one since it got broken when he fought some aliens over a week ago. Good thing the PLUMBERS gave him a blaster to fight the soldiers that want to do him trouble. Ben knows that he can't stand for a long time if he isn't going to buy some new weapon.

America is at war and Ben would not let anything happen to his town without him doing something about it. In this game, Ben would need to hold a gun and shoot at the invading force. Each kill that he makes would mean money, so you need to kill all of the enemies. You need to kill all of them or you aren't going to the next level. If you want to purchase some new weapons or upgrade your statistics then open the upgrade section. The key here is to eliminate all of your enemies in a level.

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