Ben10: Car Chase

As if the aliens weren't a problem enough when they are on the ground. Now, these aliens are driving some vehicles to avoid getting detected, but unfortunately for them that they can easily be track thanks to the superior technology of the PLUMBERS. This aliens are sure trouble as they don't declare what is there official business in this world. The PLUMBERS can only think that it is no good, otherwise, they would have declared it when they visited the planet. Now, Ben is deployed to take them down, before they can do anything harmful against the citizen of the world.

In this game, you would need to look for the aliens. But, don't worry too much since they are not that hard to find. It is easy to find them since they emit some kind of glowing light while they are in the vehicles. You need to take them down one by one for you to progress to the next level. The number of vehicles that you need to take down increases as you go to one level to another. As much as you like taking the cars in each level down, you need to remember that your car also takes damage when you take the enemies down.

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