Ben 10: Tooth Problem

Ben Tennyson might be the only hero we got against the evil aliens, but he is still a child and there are times that he simply can't handle the everything. Though, he is really tough, and we can't deny that. However, he likes chocolates and candies just like most kids. We all know what happens if we eat too much candies and chocolate. The teeth grows weaker and in time, it would simply get rotten. Needless to say, that even a hero can succumb to the pain that he is feeling because of his teeth problem. Ben can't hold it any longer, so went to the dentist to get treated. Ben hops that you can help him to solve his problem with his teeth.

The game is played with a mouse and you need to clean his teeth thoroughly. You know that his teeth needs more than cleaning and you are right there. You need to take out the teeth that can't be salvage and replace it with a false teeth. Don't forget to rinse the teeth after the operation. The game would just take a few minutes or a few seconds if you are really fast. There are no time limit in this game.

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