Ben 10: Boat Race

It is a fun day for Ben Tennyson as there are no alien activities around. Well, actually there are alien activities since most of the people at the PLUMBER's base are mostly aliens. It is just that they are on the side of the people and they are not interested in making trouble in our planet. They have live for a long time here and they are able to co-exist with the existing humans. They work part time in the base to make sure that no evil alien would create trouble in our world. Anyway, back to Ben as he is really having a great time with his speed boat. He entered a race in the lake for fun and some money on the side. Though, he knows that he might not win, the experience would still be great.

Don't worry about alien activities as you can rest assure that there are no such a thing in this game. Your objective is to finish the race before your time ends. Try not to bump into anything on the lake as that would slow you down. You have sucha limited time that you can't afford any delay.

Are you up to the challenge?

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