Ben 10: Gwen Dress up

If you are into Ben Tennyson, then you surely have heard of his cousin, Gwen, who has inherited the genes of a powerful alien. Actually, that alien is their grandma, but only Gwen inherited the powers. Ben is quite lucky to find the Omnitrix when he is younger or he might not be, where he is today. Anyway, Gwen didn't know about her powers when he was younger, but when he step into her teens, she learned about casting spells and this has given her the way to open her unlimited spells. She first thought that it is because of the magic book, which stole form Charmcaster. But, that is when she didn't even know that her grandmother is a powerful alien.

Anyway, let's forget about her natural powers as that won't be included in the game. This game is centered around her fashion sense as you need to dress her up. The idea here is to choose, which dress should be wore by Gwen. You would need to choose, which one would look great on her. Well, actually, anything would look great on her, it is just a matter on what you would like since you are in total control. The game is played with a mouse.

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