Ben10 Tank Battle

The Forever King has taken over the world. Ben Tennyson was outside the world when all of this happened. it was a tough battle and Ben has use his Omnitris to the fullest. Needless to say, his OMnitrix can only used after a week. However, when Ben got home, the Forever King has taken over the world. As well know that the Forever Knight doesn't like any aliens in this world, even those good ones. Ben has work with lots of good aliens and would not want for his buddies to get hurt. Somehow, he needs to step in and stop the Forever King in his quest to wipe out all the aliens in this planet. That won't do us good since some of these are Friends.

This is a tank battle game, wherein you are going to drive a tank to the battlefield. Your enemies would also hold their own tank. Fortunately, you have Gwen on your side, which gives you another tank in the battlefield, but you can't control this one. You earn some points to which you can use after each level. You need to win in each level for you to use the points to level up your character.

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