Ben 10 Car Puzzle

Ben Tennyson is the hero that transform into an alien every time there is trouble. He knows that his alien powers can handle any trouble maker that he meets. There are more than 10 aliens he can transform into. Well, when he first got the Omnitrix, he can only transform into 10 different aliens, but as time passes, he manages to get more additional alien DNA's into his alien watch and now, there are more than 10 aliens that he can transform into. The transformation only last for a short time, so he need to get far away from his enemy after that. The Omnitrix can only recharge after a few minutes. Anyway, he is growing old now, so one of the few investments he have is new car. He always make sure that he takes care of it as that is his precious investment and he uses it to almost everywhere he go.

In this puzzle game, you would need to piece back together the puzzle. Of course, this would be about his car. There are three modes in the game and you can choose which mode you like to try, but if you try the easiest and finish it then the game mode changes to the next mode.

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