Ben10: Taxi Driver

Ben Tennyson has spent most of his life fighting aliens, but what happens when there are no aliens left to fight. He needs to get a life of his own and not everyone could do that, especially if they have powers like Ben that could save the planet. However, Earth is a peaceful place and there is nothing in this world, wherein Ben an use his power. Just like anyone, he needs to get a job to feed his family as fighting some aliens don't count as a job here. Ben manage to find a job as a taxi driver and now, he need to prove that he can do the job well. the owner of the taxi franchise want to test him if he could do the job well. He would send Ben on a series of drive to see if he could handle the taxi well.

In this game, you won't be fighting some horrible aliens as you just need to drive the taxi as fast as you can, but as safely as possible. It is important that you don't damage he taxi at all, especially when this game is about driving and not of the violent things that has been associated with Ben in the past.

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