Ben 10: Alien Card

When Ben first got the Omnitrix, he was a pushover since he is a scrawny looking kid. No, he didn't do something about that as he is still like that. But, something change him while on a camping trip with his grandpa. There, he found a watch from out of nowhere. when he wore the watch, he can't remove it at all. Soon, he found out that the watch has this ability to change him. It didn't take long before Vilgax get the location of the watch. He sent in some drones to get it for him, but Ben manage to destroy the bots. That was the start of Ben's adventure.

Sounds a pretty story, but in this game, you won't be using the OMnitrix at all. This is a card game, wherein you would match one card to another with the same character. You need to do this quickly since this game has a timer and when that timer hits zero then the game is over. You need to match all the cards with its equivalent before the timer ends. The game ends there, but you can choose to play three different game modes of the game.

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