Ben 10: Ultimatrix Scepter

Ben has the Omnitrix when he was younger, but now that he is more mature gave him a more powerful device - Ultimatrix. They thought that there would be no other that can use the device. Unfortunately, Vilgax found a way to use the device in his favor. Now, he have mounted the device on his scepter and command his army to invade the world. Knowing that the evil alien won't use the Ultimatrix for good, he goes on to retrieve it back. He grab a sword and is now more determined to get back his device. He knows that he is in for rough time, but he never did give up easily.

The main idea here is to reach Vilgax and fight him. Of course, you need to win against the villain to get back the Ultimatrix. But, that would be your main mission and you need to get through a lot of enemies first before you can do that. Your character would run and run, but getting to the next stage won't be that easy as there are lots of enemies trying to stop you. Hack your way through them to get to Vilgax. This won't be easy as your enemies would surely cut some pieces of you and your life would drop.

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