Ben 10: Fighting Adventure

Ben Tennyson always depends upon his alien watch ever since he first found it, but he can't always depend upon it as there are times that it needs to be recharge. Also, there are times that it gets broken. Though, he makes sure to take care of it, but accidents do happened and the alien watch isn't indestructible at all. Fortunately, Ben can still manage even if his Omnitrix is out of commission. When a group of aliens are operating in the mountains, Ben can't use the Omnitrix. He was given a blaster to defend himself against the aliens. Fortunately, he knows how to use it or he might be in big trouble.

In this game, you won't be able to use the Omnitrix, but you have a blaster, which you can use to defend yourself. However, the game won't be that easy, especially since you would be killed instantly with just one hit. Actually, you don't need to take a hit to die in this game as just a touch from the aliens would let to your demise. Anyway, your goal is to make it till the end of the other side. You need to shoot the enemies before they can even see you.

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