Ben and Rook Omniverse

Ben Tennyson and Rook Blonko has just been partners recently, but it seems that they are the best partner yet. Ben might have acted like a spoiled brat because he always want to do things his way, but that is what he does, so Rook just ride along. Ever since, Rook become his partner, they haven't fight over something yet. Let's credit that to Rook as he is a well mannered alien. Anyway, Rook can hang out with anyone if he chooses and since Ben has been popular all over the galaxy, Rook tries to blend in with Ben.

Anyway, enough with that crap as this is a puzzle game and the idea here is to piece the pieces back together. Don't worry about time limit since there aren't any in this game. There are three game modes to choose from. Anyway, you need to piece the puzzle, so that would be your challenge. if you think that it is easy, just because you choose the easy game mode then be ready for a shock as the game is not that easy. The game is played with a mouse and your objective is to piece the puzzle together. Anyway, as already mentioned, there be no time limit in this game, so enjoy.

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