Ben10 Tooth Problem

We all know how tough Ben is since he has been battling some aliens ever since he got the Omnitrix. He is the kind of guy, who would never back down from anyone. That is how tough he is and would never just cry because he can't do something about it. But, when it comes to tooth problems, no one can be that tough. Actually, even super heroes succumb to this kind of pain since it is just impossible to bear. That is what Ben is going through right now as he had neglected about his teeth in the past. Now, it is haunting him every night and day. He knows that he need to do something about it or it would haunt him for most of his life. When he wake up, he immediately goes to the tooth doctor to have them check it and have it fix.

The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to help Ben with his tooth problem. You need to clean it and remove anything that you can find in his teeth. You don't need to hurry as this game doesn't have a timer. That is the whole idea.

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