Ben10: Highway Skateboarding

We all know that Ben likes to fight and he have proven this several times before as he never backs down from a fight. Some of you might say that it is because of the powerful Omnitrix, but that isn't he case. Actually, he was already brave before he got the Omnitrix. The only problem is that he is small, so he did get beat up by bigger kids. When he got the Omnitrix, he can transform into more than aliens, which allows him to use the power of the aliens he transformed into. Anyway, that is just a quick background about him to prove that he is already brave before he got the power. Like any kid, Ben likes to try new things and one of the new things that he like is skateboarding. A sport like that could be dangerous since there are lots of moving vehicles. Fortunately, Ben live i a small town and there are only few vehicles in the area.

In this game, there are no alien activities, so you won't need to transform into an alien. You only need to make sure that you won't hit a thing and you would get far. Well, not exactly all things since there are Omnitrix symbols that you need to pick up on the road.

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