Ben10: Monster Truck

Ben is always fighting some evil aliens and we can't argue about that since he is making sure that nothing bad happens to us. Sometimes, he would go outside the world and help in the capture of some evil highly-powered alien. Of course, let's not forget that he is not working alone and his back is covered by the alien loving group - PLUMBER. Anyway, let's forget about that for a while as we don't want to work all day. Most of us would love to go outside and have some fun. Well, the same thing applies to Ben Tennyson as there are lots of time that he would love to go out and just play. In his term, having fun is something doing what you like. Since he likes driving, driving his monster truck is a sort of time killer for him as he really likes to drive it.

In this game, you won't be fighting some aliens as that would not be possible in this game. Instead, you would be driving a monster truck. The idea here is to get as fast to the finish line. You can collect some Omnitrix symbols for more points along the way.

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