Ben 10: Hidden Tires

Ben is the kind of guy that you can depend on whenever there is trouble. Though, we can say that he is a troublemaker himself as he has done it a lot of times, but because he have done lots of things that help the humankind then all his wrongdoings can be just. Anyway, Ben is like any other person as he gets usually bored at what he does. One of the best pastimes for him is racing as he has done it so many times before. He likes driving his car and most of the time; it makes him happy to get a jolt of adrenaline from driving, especially when there are accidents on the road. That is the same feeling that he gets from fighting alien.

In this game, you don't need to be scared as you won't need to fight some aliens or drive a fast car. You just need to find what is missing. Actually, you would need to search for the missing tires. The tires can be hidden anywhere and you need to observe carefully if you want to truly find them. The game has a time limit and you need to find the tires before your time expires. However, if you are not prepared for something that has a time limit, then you can get rid of the time limit and do it without time limit.

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