Krakken Attack

The Krakken have risen from the bottom of the lake. It looks angry and it began attacking anyone that gets close to it. Fortunately, Ben was there, when the Krakken emerges and is now has transform into one of his alien transformations. He would fight the krakken and send it back to the bottom of the lake, where it would remain dormant for several years. Ben isn't exactly the type of guy that makes pleasure from killing animals, but this one is a monster and would endanger the lives of many, not to mention Ben's own life. Ben would need to fight for survival if he want to defeat this behemoth.

The idea here is to blast the krakken till it goes back to the depths, but this one would not easily gives up as it would try and try again. AS Ben, you can transform into different alien characters and fight the monster. Each round, you would transform into a different alien and you would need to shoot some projectile to the krakken till it runs out of lives. You need to defeat the krakken several times, before you can beat the game. Each level, you would be transforming into a different alien and would fight the krakken.

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