Ben 10: I love Boxing

Ben is pint-sized kid, who luckily obtained the Omnitrix one find day. However, that doesn't mean that he is a push-over like all the other kids. He always fights the bully that are larger than him. Of course, you can't expect him to win the fights since he is a little. That is why; he was glad to obtained the OMnitrix as he can transform into more than 10 different aliens. With its power, he is able to defeat any alien or man that picks a fight with him. When he was young, his grandpa Max thought him how to fight the bullies in school. He thought him how to punch right and dodge the punch. He is thought boxing at an early age and that is his discipline.

In this game, there would be no alien to fight as this is just a boxing match. besides Ben was to young here and he hasn't acquired the Omnitrix. The idea is to win the fight,so you need to train hard. If you can't hit the target, you would be knock out, you need to get up early or you won't be able to get up at all. The game would be harder as you make some progress.

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