Ben10: Ultimate Drift

We all know that Ben Tennyson is an adrenaline junky because he likes to put his life in danger most of the time. He has demonstrated it a lot of times by battling several aliens and bad guys from this planet. And we all thought that it would keep him busy all the time, but that is not the case since he always want to challenge himself and prove that his the best. His that competitive and to further enhance his skills, he joins races at times not to prove something, but to satisfy his adrenaline. It seems that fighting those aliens aren't satisfying enough as he is searching for other activities, which would help him release the adrenaline.

You are Ben in this game and you won't be fighting against alien. Well, at least, not in a way that you would hurt them or something like that. You would be battling against racers, so you need to get to the finish line as fast as you can. But, before you could do that, you would need to cross the line four times before a winner would be declared. Whoever wins the race, bags the most money and the remaining would be shared among the other racers. You can use the money to upgrade your car, so that you would have a competitive edge against the other racers.

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