Ben10: ATV Escape

Aliens are attacking and they are not landing on Earth since they can do that with their spaceship. Ben have an ATV and he uses it to fight the aliens. The ATV has a built in rocket system in it that lets it launch a rocket, but it is not as modern since it needs time to charge before it can launch a rocket. Normally, Ben would just transform into an alien, but this is not the case here since his watch is not working right now. He sent it to the one that built it to have it repaired. It would take around two months since the alien watch is badly damage. In the meantime, Ben would have to settle with anything he got to fight the aliens that are invading his planet.

In this game, you be riding your ATV and you need to fight back against those alien bombers out of the sky. They won't let you alone and you need to get rid of them as fast as you can since they would come and go after bombing you. You need to catch some of the Omnitrix ball that a local battle balloon is dropping. You must not shoot the balloon as that would end the game instantly.

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