Ben10: Car Hidden Stars

Ben Tennyson is one of the greatest heroes in this generation as he has save countless lives already. Actually, he is an inter-galactic hero since he also use his powers to save some lives in other world. Ben and Brook are the best team all over the world as they are committed to what they do and they always make sure that nothing bad would happen to anyone regardless of their race. Wherever you are, they would come and save you. Because of his popularity, Ben become an endorser of many products and that is how he makes money nowadays. With all the money that he got right now, he can buy almost anything. One of the few things that he has invested on a is a car since he would need some way of traveling on the road.

However, in this game, we won't be focusing on whatever he have since this game is about finding stars. There is only a few seconds in the timer and you would need to find all the stars during that time. If you can't do that then the game would be over. The game gets more challenging as you make some kind of progress.

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