Ben10: Speedy Runner

You might say that Ben is nothing without his Omnitrix since he does all of the amazing stuffs he had done whenever he transform into an alien. This might be true, but Ben was a brave lad to begin with as he always sand up against the bullies in his school despite the fact that they are a lot bigger than him. Though, he never did win, it only proves that he has the heart and the courage to stand up against them. When he acquired the Omnitrix at the forest, his chances of winning greatly accelerate, but the enemies are not the bullies anymore since they are mostly aliens. Anyway, Ben was able to defeat them all. When Vilgax came to earth, he has separated the OMnitrix from Ben, thus, the latter has to depend upon his own power to escape.

In this game, you can't transform into an alien. Thankfully, there are no alien around, but that doesn't changes the fact that this game isn't dangerous. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can while collecting some orbs along the way. You need to jump from one platform into another to get there.

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