Ben 10: Omniverse Desert Racing Game

Ben is always fighting some aliens wherever he goes and because of that, he got tired and he sees things differently from now on. His grandpa Max noticed this and advise him to take a break every now and then. His grandpa believes that Ben need to do something different. Perhaps a sport would take his mind of his alien activity. So, Ben look for a sport that would fit him. Since he is an adrenaline junkie, he prepare something dangerous since he is already used to that stuff. One of the most extreme sport is bike racing and nothing could get extreme than doing it in the desert.

In this game, you need to get to the finish line as fast as possible since the clock is ticking and every wasted time would mean that there would be less bonus points for you. Aside from that , you would also get some pints if you do some stunts along the way. You are in the desert, but there are a lot of steep hills along the way. The game gets harder and more difficult as you make some progress.

Do you think that you can handle the heat and the excitement of this game?

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