Ben10: Madness

Ben got tired f his alien activity and tried to step out of the way of aliens, but it seems that trouble would not stay away from him as he got involve with some boastful driver on the road. Since that day, his life is never peaceful as he is always bothered by these people on the road. One day, Ben got tired and decided to get rid of them. These guys are involve with a highly organized crime and Ben become a target for them. Since Ben don't want to reveal that he can transform into an alien, he manages to get rid of them while driving. He would bump the cars until it crashes.

In this game, you can't transform into an alien nor you can shoot guns. All you have it your car and your goal is to destroy those target cars. All you can do it to bang it up until it got destroyed. Take note that those cars would need to be reach since they are a few kilometers away before you can reach each one of them. You would need to get there first before you can get rid of them. You need to get rid of them as fast as you can.

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