Ben10 - Ultimate Force

Ben Tennyson was sent back in time to the age of dinosaurs when he was following an alien. Apparently, that alien was doing something to the time, changing the history of mankind. Ben was trapped and now, his only chance is to find the alien to get back to his timeline. Dinosaurs and other large animals was common that time. Ben knows that he need to stay away or fight those large creatures to get to where the alien is. He doesn't have a clue yet on what is the agenda of the alien, but he knows that he need to stop it somehow.

In this game, Ben was trap in the time of the dinosaurs. He need to get back to his timeline and the only way that he can do that is get in the time portal. The idea here is to get to the other side, which mean that you need to pass those terrible monsters that you would see. You don't need to fight them, but if you must then you can punch them, but it would have a consequence. The other way to fight them is through firing fireball and the only way to do that is by changing into Heatblast.

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