Ben 10: Basketball

Ben Tennyson has been hard at work fighting the bad aliens that exist. He is always irritated and his grandpa notices this, he advise Ben to go out sometimes to have fun. At first Ben was skeptical about the whole idea, but finally his grandpa max was able to convince to go. Ben was having a hard time since he don't know what to do at first. When he sees some kids playing basketball, he joined in and have some fun. Sadly, he got beaten since he don't have much practice. Ben knows that he need to practice to get ahead of them somehow.

In this game, you need to make the shot. The game is played with a mouse and the idea here is to shoot the ball. Well, to be exact, you need to drag the ball inside the ring, so it would get in. You need to do this over and over till you win the game. You might think that it is easy, but that is where you are wrong. Like anything else, you need to practice a lot to get a hang on the game. The game would get even harder and you need to win the game.

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