Ben 10- Kraken Attack

The Kraken has been living peacefully at the bottom of the sea, but something has startled it and make go out to invade the land. Ben was his family fishing that time. When Ben saw the huge monster, he transform into an alien and started shooting at it. Ben knows that if the Kraken does no go back to the bottom of the sea, lots of people would get harm. By no means, Ben doesn't enjoy what he is doing since the Kraken is a wonderful being, but people's lives is at stake here and he needs to protect the people.

The game is played with a keyboard and the idea here is to send the Kraken back to the bottom of the sea. Ben can't do it in one go as the monster would return over and over again. You would be using different alien every time the monster return. There is one rule that would be applicable, don't let it hit you. The monster would be unleashing some bolts and you don't want to get hit by it. You need to make sure that the monster goes down before you do. The game gets harder as you make some progress.

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