Ben 10 Tank Battle GAme

It is true that Ben always depended upon his Omnitrix too much, but we all know that we can’t always depend upon one thing in our life. At some point we might need to use other things. At such, when enemies are using tanks, Ben needs to use some tanks as well. The enemy is a corrupt warlord and is he isn’t afraid to sue and abuse his powers. The Omnitrix can’t help Ben in this situation since the enemy is using an army and the Omnitrix can only manage to compete with two or three enemies at a time.

In this game, you can’t depend upon your Omnitrix as it is not meant to be. You need to depend upon a tank that would save your as in a war situation. The enemies would be using tanks as well, but you need not to do it on your own as you have a back up in Gwen. However, Gwen can’t think on this game and you need to do the strategizing yourself or you would be defeated. You would earn some points as you win in each level and you can use it to upgrade your tank. The game becomes harder as you make some progress.

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