Ben10 Ultimate Warrior

Ben got transported back in time when he was chasing a rouge alien who wants to change the history of mankind. Unfortunately, the alien got away and now Ben is trap in time. Ben learned that there is a device that the shogun have that can send him back in time. However, the shogun is guarded by some of his fearsome samurai. Ben need to get through them to get to the shogun and get the device. The shogun won't just give it peacefully, so Ben has no choice, but to take it by force and get back to his own timeline.

The idea of the game is to get to the finish line. There would be lots of samurai along the way and you need to cut through them literary. But, a katana is not your only weapon, there are ninja stars and there is always the dependable Omnitrix. Grab the orbs as go to the finish line. It would help you with the scoring and up your points. The game would get even harder as you make your way to the next level. Expect that there would be more enemies and the obstacle would pose even more challenging to you.

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