Ben 10: Third Unverse

While chasing a rouge alien, he got separated from the group and ends up wondering alone. Ben has no choice, but to find his way out alone in the new environment. What makes even worst is that, his Omnitrix isn’t functioning that time. There is some sort of blocking device near him and every electronic won’t function within a hundred miles. Ben needs to get out of there as soon as he can and he won’t have time to search for the device. If he does that, then his group might leave before he can get into them. He would forever be trap inside that place.

In this game, you need to search for your way out. Actually, you can see it immediately, but getting there is the task in this game. You need to jump from one place to another till you get to the platform where you would be able to advance. In most of the levels, you need not fear any enemy since there is not a single one in sight. However, as you make some progress, you would encounter enemies and it would make the game even more challenging. That is the exciting part of the game and you should overcome it to enjoy.

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