Ben 10: Race in Stanbul

The busy life of fighting with aliens most of the time is tiring and Ben do really need something that would charge him up. Needless to say, he need some time off from what he does since it is very tiring and it also dangerous at the same time. When you make mistake at that line off work then you might end up losing your life. Ben knows that one of the best thing to take his mind off hunting aliens is by racing since you would need to focus on what you are doing or risk getting an accident. One of the dangerous and exciting race is held in Istanbul every two years. Ben knows that he need to wait for another two years if he would pass this out.

In this game, you need to take part in a race, but you are the only contestant and the idea here is to make it to the finish line as fast as you can. You need to pass the finish line for you finish each course. Actually, you would need to do it three times for you to finish the game. There is no more game after you do it.

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