Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Motor

Ben knows that his Omnitrix is not everything, so he need to learn some other things since he might be able to use it one day. Besides, his alien power don't last long as it have a time limit. If he wants to go somewhere, he can't depend upon his alien power as that is a sure disaster. There is a high chance that he would end up regretting it later. Ben just bought his motorbike and he can't just let it on the garage since no one would be able to use it. Besides, what good it can, if he can’t use it. It is made for transportation, he might as well use it.

In this game, there won’t be none of those fighting thing with other aliens. Actually, there are no aliens here. The game is about riding your bike, but it won’t be easy since the terrain is something else. The terrain is full of upward hill and you need to focus on what you are doing or your character would surely get an accident. You need to balance your bike most of the time since the terrain is very tricky. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.

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