Ben 10: Alien Box

It’s the fight if the century and both Vilgax and Ben Tennyson can’t let the other one wins. There is too much pride on the line, not to mention that the loser must go home and face the consequence. The consequence is that their planet would have been erase and as you guess, most of the people on Earth are on Ben’s side. It means that even the bad guys would be on Ben’s side since they would gain nothing if Ben loses since they would die by then. They would have fight, but the intergalactic rule is in place and no one can’t do anything about that.

In this game, you would be Four Arms and you would go against non-other than the inter-galactic tyrant Vilgax. The idea here is to knock him out before he can do it to you. Of course, your game would depend on the game settings. If you like a much stronger opponent then you just need to change the setting. But, if you don’t want that and prepare to win most of the time, you would just choose the easy game mode. The game becomes more challenging as you make some progress, but you would see Vilgax all the way.

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