Ben 10: Memory Match

Whenever Ben is in trouble, he would often transform into an alien. Of course, he only uses it when he is in trouble and not on everything else he gets into. Ben can transform into more than ten different aliens at a time, but he could only last on that form for a certain amount of time. He then needs to wait for several minutes for the Omnitrix to recharge before he can use it. If an enemy is chasing him during that time, then he won’t have any means of fighting the alien. That is the sad truth of the Omnitrix, but I guessed everybody knows that by now.

In this game, the idea is to match the pictures together. All of which has something to do with Ben, whether it is an alien or just plain old himself. You need to find the pair as fast as you can. Though, the game won’t end if you can’t find the needed picture, you would definitely want to find it as fast as you can since it would determine your score. The game is played with a mouse and you would need to remember all the aliens that you have seen before for you to match them up.

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