Ben 10 and the Ultimate Enemies

Before Ben got the Omnitrix, he was just a small kid, who always gets his ass kick by the much bigger bullies at school. However, he always fight back against them even if he gets beaten all the time. One day, Grandpa Max ask him and his cousin, Gwen to go on a camping trip. It was one summer day that he would never forget since he found an alien device that looks like a watch. When he wore it, he can't remove it from his body, then he turns into an alien. At first, he thought that he was burning, so he run and run in the forest, which causes the wild fire that burned down the forest to the ground. It was then that his grandpa noticed that he wasn't burning after all. Soon, the robots came that tried to grab the device from him and he fought back to destroy them.

This game can only be played with a mouse and the idea here is to build the puzzle. There is a time limit, so you need to move quickly or you might not be able to make it. This is a thinking kind of game and you need to think carefully, but fast in order for you to build the puzzle on time.

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