Ben 10: Ultimate Dress up

Ben Tennyson might be one of the greatest heroes we got today, but he isn’t the one that has the greatest fashion sense. His dress is that so corny that it could be seen in common folks. The price of his dress is not that high either as almost anyone can afford it. He asked his cousin, Gwen to help him with his dress as he is going to attend a ball. His cousin is more than capable of helping him since she has one of the greatest fashion sense in her school. Gwen knows that this won’t be easy, but she isn’t backing out since she never backs out from anything.

The idea of the game is to dress Ben and to improve his fashion style. It means that you need to make something out of the box. Perhaps, something that you have not seen before since this game is about uniqueness. The game is played with a mouse and you can do almost anything that you want to with Ben. There is no time limit in this game as you need to be satisfied with your creation. You can mix and match some dress according to your liking. There is no right and wrong in this game as the main idea is to satisfy your imagination.

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