Ben 10: Mix

Ben is just an ordinary boy who always got bullied at school because he is young and short. Of course, we all that he would grow up someday. Though, he was small, he tends to fight the bigger boys and that is why he got beaten up most of the time. He would often come home with some bruises. On summer, he grandpa invited him and his cousin Gwen on a trip to the mountain. They would spent their summer on the mountain to have a goodtime. But, one night, Ben woke up and found a strange looking watch in the middle of the forest. He tried it on and to his surprise, he can’t get it out. It is attached to his arm. As he tried to get it out, he hit the button and that is the start of him changing into an alien.

In this game, however, you don’t need to change into an alien since there are no one to fight. The game is played with the arrow keys in the keyboard. The idea here is to match three photos on a row. The game is played by hitting the left or right arrow keys to find the match. Depending on how many moves you got, you would be able to play this game as long or as short.

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