Ben 10 Alien Attack

When Ben first found the Omnitrix, he never have a clue that it was a weapon of some sort. It allows him to transform into more than 10 different aliens. It might come in randomized, but the transformation is really handy as it helps hi fight those bad guys. Even more, it helps him fight those bad aliens out to do something bad to us. As he encounter more aliens, the numbers of aliens h can transformed into grew. He found out that the alien device can acquire the dna of an alien once if touches the device. So, whenever he encounter a new specie, he made sure that he can acquire their DNA.

However, in this game, you don’t transform into an alien. Instead, your device shoots some projectiles to the alien. The invading alien is Swampfire and you need to bring them down before they can do some damage. There would be lots of that alien plus a copy of your human self would be riding along in a surf board. You have to bring them down as well. If you let too many of those replica pass you then the game would be over soon before you know it.

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