Ben 10: Cannonbolt - Ghosfreak Pingpong

Ghostfreak was one of Ben 10’ transformation and quickly it become one of his favorite transformation since it allows him to pass through things. However, something was awkward and it didn’t take long before Ben found out about him more. Ghostfreak wants to break free and the latter did just that. Thankfully that was the same time when Cannonbolt came to be one of Ben’s newest transformation. It was hard to understand Cannonbolt at first, but when Ben finally understand him, he become one of his newest favorite transformation. So, when Ghostfreak leads his army, it was Cannonbolt that tries to stop him.

In this game, you dont’ need to battle anyone since this is just a friendly pingpong game. Like any pingpong game, you just need to make sure that you keep the ball alive. In other word, you just need to make sure that the ball wont’ fall down. If you can’t do that then you would lose one of your life. Anyway, the point of this is to score more points and it seems anything that you do here is to score more points. When you reach a certain point, you would get 1 additional life.

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